About Us

Our Mission

It all begins with an idea, a thought, a creative rush, a vision that strives to change the way things are done. Over are the days of the lazy mixed drink; the cocktail renaissance is here. Symply Syrups brings the flavours of the professional cocktail bar to the home bar. Our mission is to provide cocktail enthusiasts with the rich, delicious flavours of the professional cocktail bar in the comfort of their own home!

Our Founders

Born and raised in the Forest City the founders of Symply Syrups - Colten Roberts and Andrew Gray, are rooted in London Ontario. London, being a university town kept both founders in the city as they attended Western University. While both were studying at Western they began working at a popular Richmond Row bar - The London Warehouse. Students turned bartenders, our founders quickly fell in love with the art of the cocktail. With over 15 years combined in the service industry our founders are practiced veterans of cocktail-ing and mixology and have now turned their focus to entrepreneurship. Bartenders turned entrepreneurs Colten and Andrew knew there must be a way to bring the flavours, experience, and art of the cocktail to the at home bartender. And just like that, Symply Syrups was born.